#8 Kate Underdown
posted on 26/03/12


Kate Underdown is a Milliner extraordinaire. That’s right, not a Millionaire or a Mariner as people so often mis-hear, but a Milliner. Although she’s often found rifling through weird and wonderful boxes in charity shops for additions to her newest creations, we can forgive her for that peculiar habit because her hats are just utterly delightful. This Passion Pod was fascinating to do – it illuminates a beautifully small and relatively un-known niche industry and showcases Kate’s refreshing originality and total heart for what she does. Winning combo or what?

Oh, and just a wee hint, do use the pics above to aid your listening…describing the beauty of these hats is nigh-on impossible so short of seeing them in the flesh, I reckon this is the next best option.

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