#81 Bo Bruce
posted on 15/02/16


Originally with drama school and singing in her sights, after a little bit of unconventional advice Bo Bruce went for option two. 5 or so years of that and gigging her pants off, she made the decision to go on’t tele in The Voice. Quite the decision for a muso like Bo though to get over the snobbery and criticism that’s often bandied around about shows like that but get over it she did. That was just over three years and she’s been doing her singing/songwriting thang ever since is about to release another album with half of Zero 7 so, ya know…snobbery and criticism not always worth listening too closely too is it.

Bo’s pod is such a great example of yet another career adventure that you couldn’t write for her at 16 if you tried. TV show’s, swapping from being a solo artist to being part of a band…this lady is a great example of being open to all sorts of different bits and pieces in order to keep creating the stuff that she wants too. Darn fine inspiring stuff!

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5 years ago

Bo is the Best! Totally inspiring and just awesome!

Barry Mahar:

5 years ago

Bo is ace!