#83 Victoria Lacroix
posted on 29/02/16


Victoria Lacroix is an Illustrator. She initially trained as a graphic designer, then after 6 years of actually doing it she decided that her career just wasn’t creative enough. No, not what you might think from a job like that but with visions of uber creativity crushed by roles that ended up just being based around doing what others told her, she went back to the drawing board…literally. A career in illustration – exactly what she wanted to do in the first place but thought with graphic design she was choosing the more ‘realistic’ option. That old chestnut.

Victoria’s natter has got some ace advice and encouragement about how to approach this funny old game yourself as well as some tips on how to deal with worrying about the others around you. There’s a great reminder too about how handy certain jobs can be when we finally get to rolling our own ball, despite the fact they may seem totally useless at the time. Quite frankly though, anything that she says in that delicious french accent of hers is well worth listening too 😉


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