#84 Buy Me Once
posted on 07/03/16


Buy Me Once is a seriously hot dang brilliant idea. It’s a website founded by Tara Button, that lists a load of products for sale that don’t cost loads of dosh, are really friendly to the planet and that actually last. Pretty novel for our day in age right?!

A children’s author and a creative copywriter by trade, Tara’s been on a mission to challenge manufacturers to actually build stuff that really lasts for a wee while now. Leaving her job at the beginning of this year ago after an article in The Telegraph got things moving slightly pacier than she might have imagined though, she’s now Buy Me Once-ing full time.

This podcast is not only a serious eye opener as to the issues that are rapidly growing amidst our throwaway culture but Tara’s also got some super frank advice about the challenges that have been coming at her thick and fast on her journey so far. Inspiring stuff all round quite frankly!


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