#85 Clare Yuille
posted on 21/03/16


Creative Coach, Actor and independent Shop Owner; Clare Yuille is just the sort of lady that we like having around these here parts for obvious reasons. As an actor by trade she’s created a pretty wonderful set up for herself to help combat the stops and starts that are such a part of that world.

After getting loads of letters from artists wanting to sell things in her shop Merry and Bright that were dull and surprisingly unappealing, Clare realised that there was a massive gap between the amazingly bright and creative people that are making these products and how they approach retailers. So dun-dah-dah…Indie Retail Academy was born – an online course that helps creative people sell their work to shops. We’re big fans.

Not afraid to admit the loo sobbing stories that are all only too familiar, this podcast of Clare’s really is brimming with honest advice on the struggles and the importance of a bit of emotional fluency when setting off on adventures like these. She describes it as a “body and soul course that you’re signing up for when you become an entrepreneur” which we think sums it all up rather wonderfully. Be warned!

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