#86 Project Love
posted on 04/04/16


Being a serious of fan of Project Love means that slight warning should come with my chat with it’s founders Vicki and Selina. *There is a lot of serious over-excitement which manifests itself in all sorts of ways but it is all with good reason.* What these gals are up to is frickin’ awesome. They’re on a mission to help women who are living this modern and fast paced life with a new approach to love and relationships and it’s pretty magical stuff.

Selina with a background in career coaching and Vicki with mainly media jobs under her belt have a cracker of a getting together tale and the results so far are pretty extraordinary. From a self confessed rather disastrous love life, Selina is now happily shacked up now (and with a babe in tow!) and Vicki has got a ring on it. Talk about practicing what you preach?! This podcast is so stuffed full of inspiration on all the levels – love through to self-employment. Just couldn’t be more right-up-our-street!


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