#88 The Cool Graduate
posted on 18/04/16


The Cool Graduate is a platform of inspiration for graduates to get a different clutch of ideas about their futures. Hello and yes please! Flagging up a whole load of options ranging from volunteering to paid graduate jobs all over the world, the main aim is to point us towards the things that are out there that don’t usually get the big shout outs.

Elisabeth Bailie is the founder and it was her self-confessed cliche of a gap year with a sprinkle of family holiday brainstorming chucked in for good measure, that got this ball rolling. Since then she really has become a lady who practices what she preaches and has made career out of a whole load of different jobs all over the world. Unsurprisingly this pod has its fair share of inspiration and is a great example of how you can approach even pretty boring jobs, differently. What job isn’t more fun when it’s close to a beach or in some sunshine quite frankly?



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Emily Chiswell:

5 years ago

thanks so much!

Dom Webb:

5 years ago

Great podcast! What a great company, The Cool Graduate.