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#89 Blogosphere
posted on 25/04/16


So, here’s one for you. Blogosphere Magazine is the first print publication entirely by bloggers for bloggers and the blogging community. It’s a magazine that you can hold in your actual hands and sniff it’s beautiful independent magazine smelling pages but all of it’s content is about articles that are happening online.

Founded by journalist Alice Audley after starting a blog herself and quickly becoming obsessed with the whole world that came with it, this lady is on a mission to prove that digital and print don’t have to be mutually exclusive. An exciting and inspiring mission indeed when launching a magazine in 2016 that’s for sure. This podcast is a winner not only because Alice is tackling all of that jazz but also because this passion stuffed project of hers took her away from a much coveted and hugely loved job at the Telegraph. The process of letting go of what had been this dream job of hers to step in to the Blogosphere adventure is super inspiring and well worth wrapping your ears around.


lifelong dream to work at telegraph not through the usual routes – thinking outside of the box

stand up against your dream work being your sideline

jazzy bit on the side while working at the telegraph

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