#9 Walk Eat Talk Eat
posted on 02/04/12


Eating, wherever you are, is always a winner and that’s why Charli Matthews is ace. She’s made it possible for us to munch our way around the East End, whilst listening to some taste bud tantalisingly good stories of what we’re devouring as well as soaking up some local historical tit-bits; definitely our kind of person. Charli set up the wonderbar Walk Eat Talk Eat to convince Londoners and visitors alike that we British do good food and she’s doing a darn fine job of it. This Passion Pod has grown super quickly; the Walk Eat Talk Eat tours now come in all shapes and sizes, including a dating one (fyi yes please ). Oh, and she introduced us to Bacon Jam…mega bonus points.

Just a heads up though-if you’re going to get annoyed by some outstanding crunching and munching sound affects (which is fair enough) then please have a little patience when digesting this Pod…persevere though because it’s absolutely delish.

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