#90 Steffy White
posted on 02/05/16


Being an actress is a Passion Pod in itself really but making the move from doing that as your job to becoming a yoga teacher…surely that’s double pod points?! After 10 years of grafting her socks off and doing pretty darn well too, Steffy White had had enough of all the yo-yoing about as an actress. Added to which she also had an actual real-life lightbulb moment on her mat one day that yoga was the destination that she’d be better off heading in. True story!

The irony is that she’s now living the life that she was fighting so hard to make for herself as an actress. She’s represented by the agent she always wanted to be and is stuffed to the rafters with requests and opportunities that she’s been after for years. That’s what makes this pod such a pearler – if you’re after some encouragement on swapping paths from one that used to make your heart boom to your updated version of that then get your ears around this sharpish. These two world’s of Steffy’s are both as similar and and polar opposite as you can get which also makes for some banging advice and refreshing honesty. Both winners in our patch!


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Emily Chiswell:

4 years ago

total pleasure! so glad you enjoyed it :)


4 years ago

Great interview with steffy she sounds so honest and genuine. Thanks