#92 Bridget Arsenault
posted on 16/05/16


Bridget Arsenault is donning three main job hats at the moment. She’s always known that she wanted to be a journalist and has spent most of the last eight years doing so…for Vanity Fair no less! She also founded The Bright Young Things Film Club in 2013 which showcases young and upcoming film makers and their work and thirdly she’s recently accepted the role as deputy director of Free the Children, a charity that she’s been working for on and off since she was 16. This lady ain’t twiddling her thumbs that’s for sure!

Just because you set off on a path doing what you love, doesn’t mean that you’re set with that for life and Bridget’s pod is an ace example of how important it it is to acknowledge and adapt that. There’s also a lovely bunch of chat around the power of perseverance and some banging advice about the ever common challenge of when and how to say no when you’re doing you’re own thing. Definitely not the easiest lesson to learn that one, is it?!

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