#93 Aduna
posted on 23/05/16


After spending three years working for a big Ad agency in London feeling rather un-scintillated about chucking all of his energy and creativity in to products like nasal decongestants (and who can blame him quite frankly?!), co-founder Andrew Hunt hit a socking great big wall of what-am-I-doing-with-my-life, swiftly followed by six months of deep and all consuming clinical depression. Seemingly not quite the roadblock you might think though. A random request for some marketing help on a charity project in the Gambia had him not only back in his bones within three weeks, but also sewed the first seed for what has now gone on to become Aduna. A journey and a half that is for sure!

Aduna is an Africa inspired health and beauty brand at the same time as being a social business. Quite the combo. At the real heart of what they’re up to is a mission to create demand for all sorts of under utilised natural products from small producers in Africa. Focusing on authentic sustainability by creating demand for what is already there.

Unsurprisingly, this pod is inspiring in bucket loads. Not only to see just how much can grow from such a personally uncomfortable experience for Andrew, but also to witness how much wider reaching that benefit can be flung. Honest, inspiring and just so massively exciting; this one really does deserve your ears.

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