#94 The Jolly Hog
posted on 30/05/16


From playing professional rugby for Harlequins and Bristol, to making sausages for a living. Yes, that is a real career path and Olly Kohn is the proud owner of it! After an injury and a new sausage making machine coincided with each other, the seeds for The Jolly Hog were sewn. Now in partnership with his two brothers, Olly and co are spreading their bacon and sausage tastiness all over the shop. They’re stocked in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado, they’re regulars at events like Glastonbury and Tough Mudder and to top it all off, they’re just about to open their very first restaurant.

Olly’s story is unusual on all sorts of levels. Playing rugby for a living gave him a taste of what it felt like to do a job that he really loved right from the off. He was determined that whatever came next, felt the same. They’re not butchers though, nor are they even farmers so there has a been a heck a lot of learning involved in this adventure, stepping outside of their comfort zone all over the place. But, when you’ve got people like Michel Roux Jnr saying that you’re sausages are the best in the business it’s got to be worth it right?!


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