#95 Jennifer Hamley
posted on 06/06/16


Jennifer Hamley is a bag designer. Think handbag come work bag and one that we actually want to use rather than horrible, ugly looking designs that we’re often up against. Hers feels good to touch, looks lovely, has all the compartments you’ve ever dreamed of and most importantly of all smells absolutely delicious!

Jen’s a creative one to the core. She studied 3D Design at Uni and is a constant maker of all things around her whether it be clothes, cushions or caravan interiors…we kid you not! Now though it’s bags all the way and she’s currently mid-way through a Crowdfunding campaign for them which means that this podder has got a lot of handy up the sleeve bits around the full time job that that endevour is. She’s also got some ace advice on social media-ing and the importance of failing, and fast. Another great big dose of just the kind of ingredients we’re after in this neck of the woods!

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