#96 Jake Meyer
posted on 13/06/16


Jake Meyer really struggles to pin point exactly what it is that he does, which is often a good sign in our book. He settled on Adventurer…as you do! Swapping the school football and cricket lark for climbing and canoeing as soon as he could, Jake went on to become the youngest Briton ever to climb Everest  and is about to set off with the aim to do the same on K2 (which ps in it’s history of only 350 ascents has had around 80 deaths, that’s 25%!!).

Team work, channeling your fear, harnessing all the entrepreneurial skills that a job like this requires, Jake’s natter is unsurprisingly stuffed full of some banging advice on all the above. It’s also a fascinating insight in to a world that really showcases what incredible feats us little old human beings can achieve. Inspiring stuff and then some.

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