#98 Max Dickins
posted on 27/06/16


If you’re feeling stuck in a rank old work/life/romance rut then this Passion Pod has your name all over it. Writer/performer Max Dickins found himself in exactly that place and so, to shake things up a bit he decided to sign up for a new Groupon Deal every week for 18 months, as you do. Alpaca treking, baby scans, spray tans, taxidermy class, colonic irrigation to name but a few!

Not quite a twist that he imagined his career taking probably when initially wanting to get in to policy and politics but it was his gig on his uni radio station that was the game changer. That led to his own show on Absolute Radio, which led on to stand up, which led on to him doing the worm in front of 15 thousand people at a rugby game dressed in a bear suit. Standard career path, right?

Max’s latest project has pushed him out of his comfort zone in a big way and the advice he’s got to share off the back of it is refreshing and encouraging and this podcast is brimming with it and it’s all yours for listening!

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