#99 Wildflowers
posted on 04/07/16


Two thirds of Wildflowers – Kit and Siddy – are from a mega musical family. Brought up a jazz musician and an actress they all had to play an instrument as kids. Didn’t matter which one but having one in hand was a must. On the other hand, the final third of the band, James had no idea that you could be a musician as an actual job. Unique little mixing pot of a band these guys are making an equally unique and lovely mixing pot of a sound.

They’re firm believers that this rollercoaster of a journey is all about the effort you put in to make it work. Even though they’re now signed, they still put on gigs and tours of their own to keep themselves as busy as poss which makes this pod a super inspiring listen. They run themselves as a little small business almost, divvying up the jobs between them. Not scared to make sacrifices either and have been known to all be squished in to a one bedroom flat at one point to enable them to focus on making their music full time. If that’s not commitment?!  Wildflowers are a mighty fine example of the blood, sweat and tears finally paying off and their little sung treat at the end of this natter will show you why that is such a very great thing!


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