#82 Ban Poitin
posted on 22/02/16


So Cara and her business partner Dave have sure got their work cut out.  Heard of Poitin? (pronunced Potcheen btw) Unlikely unless you’re Irish. These guys are not only trying to front a whole new mass market category of booze with their version of it – Ban Poitin, but the stuff also happened to have been illegal until 1997 so even the Irish think it’s production and sale is still meant to be kept on the hush-hush. A challenge and a half indeed!

After far too long being stuck in a job she hated, a super chance meeting with a colleague of her sisters led to Cara and Dave finding themselves in the right place at the right time to begin their Ban Poitin adventure together. So, not only is this an absolute cracker if you’re interested in launching anything similar, but it’s also winner for any and all things co-founder too. Our natter is probably going to make you want to try some though so it comes highly recommended that you buy a bottle to accompany your ears just in case. No harm in being prepared right?!

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